Trajectory is a small consultancy which specialises in mine site rehabilitation and mine closure planning, management and implementation. This encompasses the preparation of mine closure plans, landform designs, rehabilitation plans, closure cost liability assessments, Weed Management Plans and Implementation, Monitoring Plans, Completion Criteria Development, External Affairs Programs and general peer review services.

Trajectory has completed many Mine Closure Plans throughout Australia with exposure to processes, techniques and best practice internationally. Mine closure plans can be prepared in accordance with the relevant corporate and regulatory guideline and has been called upon as a peer reviewer for MCP’s for various large and small mining companies. We are currently supporting various clients with a range of targeted specialist services and work closely with affiliates in the consulting and academic sectors on large or multidisciplinary projects.

A key distinguishing feature of Trajectory is broad exposure to implementation processes involving the closure of large and complex minesites in a variety of landform or domain projects. Trajectory has extensive experience with project management, operational interface, troubleshooting which can assist with maintenance of technical and design standards whilst ensuring that projects are optimised from a cost management and scheduling perspective.